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Episode Description

Catena Zapata has been at the forefront of wine culture in Argentina for over a century. The family winery is responsible for the renaissance of the Malbec grape from its origins in France to its new home in Argentina. Malbec came to Argentina in the mid-19th century where it flourished once again and was restored to its previous glory. In this episode, fourth generation vintner Laura Catena and Chef Deborah de Corral take viewers on a journey into the heart and soul of Argentine wine and food culture, opening up about their lives, unique experiences and what drives them to achieve greatness in their fields.

It Starts With Wine travels the globe and follows the world’s best winemakers, growers, producers and personalities, along with prominent chefs and celebrities, to offer viewers an inside look at the people, locations, cuisines and cultures that surround the wine lifestyle and the world’s finest wines.